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Making the most of your on screen appearance

Understandably with these unprecedented times, we are noticing an increasing need for our communications to shift from face-to-face to online. This means video conferencing is becoming the new normal for companies, and event organisers are pivoting towards offering engaging virtual event experiences through the power of live streaming and online conferencing platforms.

The need for people to share important messages, have productive conversations and make critical and swift decisions is more vital than ever right now, so capturing engaging video content is essential.

But for most, stepping in front of a camera can be quite intimidating, even for the seasoned public speaker. There's something completely unique and daunting about the intimacy of staring down the lens of a camera.

That's why the team here at Digital Events have put together some helpful tips for being camera ready for your next live stream, zoom meeting or video shoot.

Be Prepared

Know your message, but don't learn every word. We're not all actors and actresses here, and we don't need to be. Focus on having your talking points memorised, but unless you are an experienced broadcaster, you might risk coming across as rigid and unnatural when trying to recite your script word for word.

Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse

And no, we aren't talking about memorising. Practice presenting and getting your message across based on your key talking points. You'll find areas in the presentation where you'll need to dedicate some extra time and focus. If there's a word you find you're always stumbling to find, just write it down.


Because the last thing you want is to come across as stiff or robotic, so just be yourself and keep it conversational. Speaking to your audience should be no different to speaking with close friends or colleagues.

Side note: Don't be TOO relaxed, remember what your mother told you and sit up straight!


Yes, this might sound like a given, but it's so important. Your audience will connect much easier to someone who looks like they are happy to be there as compared to someone being held hostage to speak.

Look good to feel good

First impressions are just as important on video as they are in person so let your style and outfit reflect your target audience. You've heard this before but we're here to tell you again, dress to impress, but more importantly, make sure you are comfortable. Lastly, avoid stripes, neon and complicated patterns that may be distracting for viewers.

Eye contact

It can be hard enough maintaining eye contact in person let alone to a small black lens, but maintaining natural eye contact with the camera is one of the simplest and most effective ways to connect with your audience and maintain authenticity. If you're recording from a laptop or handheld device, make sure you have properly located the lens and if needed place sticky tape or arrows next to it to remind you where your eyes need to look.

Make sure you are working with professionals

Let your crew be your support system, we're here to make you look and sound as good as possible so that you can focus your energy on delivering your message. When it comes to live streaming you want to make sure the technology behind the production runs as seamlessly as possible to keep your audiences' attention.

Utilise your space

Whether it's from your home office or in a professional studio, how you style your space can make all the difference in boosting your viewers' engagement. Your physical environment should be pleasing to the eye but not distracting. It's all about finding that balance between the uninspiring white background and something overly busy or messy. If you can, use a professional stylist to help maximize your video's impact.

One final tip, just remember that at the end of the day, the focus of your video isn't just about you, it's about communicating your message properly and connecting it with your audience.

Happy filming everyone!

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